Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Mock Letter

This may be a tad late, but I've still been thinking about what a letter from Steve Jobs should have been like. And since we can't oust Jobs again (or at least I can't- yet), this would have to be a hefty imaginative piece.
And I don't want to get into Mr. Job's head.
Therefore, there are some criteria that should be included in every apology letter.
1. An apology, seems simple- but might be easily overlooked.
2. A plan of action.
3. A reason for the apology.
4. A dedication to the customers.
5. Another apology- this really is the crux of the matter.

Therefore, I would like to extend an invitation to Mr. Jobs to ask me to write his next apology letter. I will be graduating in December with a major in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in English. Just let me know Steve. I need a job.

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